Maturita exams

All branches of our school end with a maturita exam. The maturita exam has two parts – common (so-called state) and profile (so-called school). All school-leavers must pass a test of the Czech language and literature in the common part of the ME. They also have a choice of foreign languages and mathematics.

In the school year 2020/2021, the pupils of Gymnázium (grammar school) and the Medical Lyceum will sit three subjects in the common part of the ME as compulsory – besides the Czech language and literature, also a foreign language and mathematics. Pupils of the Business Academy will join hem in the following year. Pupils in the field of Medical Assistant will not have compulsory math in the common part.

The Czech and foreign languages exams in the common part consist of three parts: written exam, didactic test and oral examination. The mathematics exam takes the form of a didactic test. All pupils can individually apply to the optional exam Mathematics +.
The profile part is different for particular fields:

  • The pupils of Gymnázium (4 year and 8 year) take two tests in the profile section. They select out of  the subjects that they had in the curriculum for at least 4 hours.
  • The Business Academy pupils take specialized subjects examinations – economics, accounting and practical exams.
  • The pupils of the Medical Lyceum, within the profile part, defend shool – leasing work and take examinations in biology and ecology.
  • Medical Assistants  do a practical part of the nursing and nursing exam.

Detailed Maturita Exam information is available in LMS Moodle, Maturita course.