Medical lyceé

Medical lyceé

The graduate of the Medical lyceé can continue studying at faculties of health and social sciences, faculties of medicine, pharmacy or any other faculties at universities as well as specialized colleges. The graduate is also competent to work in the fields of healthcare administration, health insurance or health and social departments of public administration.

The graduate is competent to:

  • continue his / her studies at universities and specialized colleges,
  • orientate himself / herself in the fields related to health,
  • use basic research methods,
  • use special terminology, especially in general symptomatology and in connection with the basic knowledge of the Latin language,
  • work efficiently with ICT,
  • use his / her knowledge and skills to support promoting health actively and to orientate himself / herself in the healthcare system
  • provide first aid treatment.


Compulsory subjects

Compulsory subjects are determined by the Curriculum designed for the field.

Elective subjects

Students of the 3rd and 4th year choose from the elective courses which are updated (for the following school year) in the spring. The offer is available in the Moodle.

Optional subjects

In addition to the mandatory offer, there are also optional subjects offered. Our goal is to enable pupils to extend the scope of knowledge beyond the curriculum.

The optional subjects offer differs in accordance with the year the pupil is in and is published in the LMS Moodle.

An optional subject will be opened if at least 15 applicants enroll. The application form is binding for the whole school year.

Method of graduation

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports the education is completed by school-leaving examination (GCSE) which follows the Education Act and its relevant procedure protocol. As a proof of their successful graduation the graduates receive a school leaving certificate.