Gymnasium’s Lower Classes

The Aim

Studies continue the education from where the lower classes of basic school have finished. The education of the gymnasium’s lower classes (i.e. from the first to the fourth year of the eight year cycle) takes place at the rented premises of the Purkyňova Elementary School. Students continue to the higher classes without a need to pass transition exams. The lower classes’ education is administered accordingly to the “Teaching Orientation in the World of Exploration” scheme. Within the tuition framework, school supports development of the key competences and emphasizes the connection and interaction between the theoretical knowledge and its practical use.

Content of the Studies

We consider the teaching of foreign languages and computer science to be of very high importance. From the first year of the eight year cycle, our students have four lessons of English per week. Second foreign language becomes part of their schedule in the third year. We offer German, Spanish, French and Russian as a second foreign language. Project classes are also a part the educational scheme. Students of the eight year cycle’s first year also take part in a practical class of nature studies, while the fourth year students may indulge in practical class of geography. Thematic field trips, ski training, visits to theater and cinema and other activities are inseparable parts of the students’ time at our school. Specialized classrooms, laboratories, computer classroom and an atelier are all provided accordingly to the requirements of individual subjects. As for the leisure and PE classes, swimming pool, sports field, gym and a sports hall are all part of the schools premises.

Other Activities

  • The Academy (taking place every second year)
  • Publishing of the school magazine
  • Offer of optional subjects and interest clubs according to the students’ interests
  • You’ll find more information about individual subjects and their syllabi and activities and results of our students’ work in the Subjects section