Gymnasium’s Higher Classes

The Aim

The teaching of the four year cycle classes and higher classes of the eight year cycle takes place at the gymnasium’s premises on the Komenského Square. Both cycles end with a final exam – Maturita. Students are being continually prepared for their future studies, be it at a university or, as in certain cases, at a specialized college.

We provide general education, however we also offer a variety of obligatory optional subjects allowing the students to steer their education to either humanities or sciences, according to their individual decisions. In the third year (seventh in the eight year cycle), students choose three obligatory optional subjects, out of a choice of approximately 30 subjects. Later on, in the fourth year (eighth respectively), the number rises to four.

In the school year 2009/2010, the teaching in the first year (fifth respectively) began to be administered accordingly to the “Teaching Orientation in the World of Exploration” scheme.

Content of the Studies

We consider the teaching of foreign languages and computer science to be of very high importance. First year students (four year cycle) and fifth year students (eight year cycle) study two foreign languages. We offer English, German, Spanish, French and Russian lessons.
School takes part in international projects, cooperating with Slovakian, German and Spanish schools. We offer foreign exchange stays. Thematic field trips, ski training, visits to theater and cinema and other activities are an inseparable part of the students’ time at our school. Specialized classrooms, laboratories and a computer classroom are all provided accordingly to the needs of individual subjects.

You’ll find more about individual subjects and their syllabi and activities and results of our students’ work in the Subjects section.

Other Activities

  • We support students throughout their work on SSEPs (specialized secondary education projects)
  • We have a partnership agreement with Masaryk University
  • We are a Health Supporting School
  • Students may use the school’s gym.
  • Complete Wi-Fi coverage in the whole building.