3. část ústních zkoušek společné MZ SOŠ

Maturitní témata AJ pro SOŠ (AK, ZA, ZL)

  1. System of Education in the UK and CR
  2. Work, Applying for a job, CV
  3. Food and Eating Habits in the UK, USA and CR
  4. Shopping and Services in English Speaking Countries and CR
  5. Travel and Means of Transport
  6. Culture and Entertainment in CR
  7. Sports in the UK, USA and CR
  8. Health, Diseases and Care
  9. Environmental problems around the World
  10. USA
  11. Great Britain
  12. Australia
  13. Canada
  14. William Shakespeare
  15. Prague
  16. The Czech Republic
  17. Holidays and Festivals in the UK,USA,CR

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